What you need to know about the ongoing Venezuelan crisis

Eight years later, the deadlock between President Nicolás Maduro and opposition candidate Henri Falcon is nearly as explosive as it was then. Amid a country on the brink of famine, most Venezuelans likely just want the deadlock to end so they can again enjoy basic products like bread and antibiotics without the fear of a coup or the possibility of violence. While millions would love to see Maduro removed from power, many also are leery of the opposition. Within two days of Falcon’s announcement on March 7, dozens of people died in more than 50 counter-protests staged by Maduro supporters. That prompted many countries around the world to offer the embattled leader political support.

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Although he is one of the world’s longest-serving presidents, Maduro’s legacy has been tarnished by his stuttering bid to end Venezuela’s economic collapse. His government has started doing business with the U.S. (Inexpensive consumer products), buying weapons and posting explicit misogynistic memes on Twitter. He has also tried to sabotage the opposition with an economic war, which includes a currency crash, hunger and tens of thousands of arrests. After the country’s Supreme Court ordered Congress to bring an impeachment measure against Maduro last year, it started to issue itself and invalidate elections. Those who would do away with the economy include things like grains being allowed to be imported while citizens are being denied basic products.

-Information from Reuters

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