US-based organization develops new storage for food in Nigeria

A new technique to keep fruit, milk and other foods fresh in Nigeria is based on cold storage.

“Though the fact is that there isn’t much incentive for buying cold storage systems in Nigeria, we are unable to reach out to the public to show them the true picture of how cold storage is used and developed to solve issues affecting Nigerians,” said the US-based organization ColdHubs.

“In fact, most of the cold storage systems in the U.S. are privately owned and located in the U.S. Some of these (many) cold storage systems are only made for U.S. consumers. Cold Storage in Nigeria is far from public consumption or knowledge – to that end, we are thus developing cold storage systems in Nigeria that encourage private, small, home-based cold storage entrepreneurs to partner with us.”

ColdHubs has partnered with an L.A.-based non-profit called Keep Hope Alive, and engineers from the latter are looking at farming technologies from sustainable agriculture to make cold storage systems.

The group added that “while conventional cold storage is only used in northern Nigeria in large-scale production, cold storage in small spaces in southern Nigeria is mostly used for household food storage.”

On the other hand, the ColdHubs group, based in the United States, says it has built a cold zone in Lagos, Nigeria, which provides businesses and individuals with “cold storage facilities” and a “private-public consortium.”

“We are working hard to develop and grow community-scale cold storage centers in Lagos and West Africa that can help increase access to cold storage to people living with extreme income poverty,” it said.

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