U.S. to send in troops to help control prison violence in Ecuador

The bodies of at least 31 prisoners were found in a jail in Ecuador’s southeastern region on Wednesday, authorities said. The violence broke out during a riot at the Fresenio penitentiary, where the administration has been struggling to get inmates to obey strict rules requiring them to wait at least 30 minutes before starting fights with one another. The government said in a statement on Wednesday that it would investigate whether “institutional or administrative failures” were responsible for the violence.

Local media reported that the riot began when inmates attacked two guards with knives. In a tweet, the Ecuadorean Social Security Ministry said it was “shocked” by the reports of the riot and would respond “at the earliest opportunity.” Most of the victims were believed to be young prisoners. An investigation was underway by Ecuador’s Human Rights Commission.

Wednesday’s riot is not the first time that prisoners have used violence to gain attention. Earlier this year, prisoners in the southwestern city of Guayaquil stormed the Zamora prison to take journalists hostage before releasing them unharmed.

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