Tourists and More: Leonardo DiCaprio’s Favorite Island Located in Thailand Closed to Visitors

Places too beautiful to look at. Gif: FirstPeople

The Thai cove that actor Leonardo DiCaprio famously believed could only be reached by jet boats and speedboats will be a little closer to the human gaze, as it has officially been closed.

After attracting tourists for years, the long-awaited opening of Phi Phi Island will go ahead after the official escrow was released this week.

Crown Royal Jewel Thai spokeswoman Yukrit Adithse told the Phuket Gazette the 100,000 baht ($3,500) bought by Crown Royal Jewel and gifted to the National Tourism Authority of Thailand (NTAT) has led to the society to make the reef at Phi Phi International Reef Park official.

“The escrow closing was completed on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2019. This is actually the month that the owners of the underwater zoo started to receive baht to the tip of their fingers. The parcels had been dispatched to the island prior to that date, the funds were distributed, and then the escrow was to be closed on Feb. 26, 2019,” she said.

According to the Bangkok Post, other temples on the island, including the famous Khao Soi, were also newly announced by the queen.

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