These ladies live in complete opposites worlds, but they share a screen door

A group of entrepreneurs is trying to change the rules for cleaning your TV, and experts say they may have hit on a good solution.

Allison Bittenbender, Melissa Lee, and Anna Pasche watched their kids grow up watching Disney cartoons on the TV in their living room. While the room would eventually get a fresh coat of paint, a screen door still had to be bolted down behind their TV every time a movie, game, or otherwise entertaining show aired.

“There was always that thought that we’d be done with our living room remodel years later. Having the TV out front and a big screen every single night was incredibly distracting to the rest of our life,” Bittenbender said.

The mom of two lives in Manhattan, where her kids play soccer, ball hockey, and basketball while also playing video games.

“We also have a cat and a dog,” Bittenbender explained. “The main thing with both of our boys is they’re really good at jumping on the couch and playing on the TV.”

In Brooklyn, where the mom of two also has a small house, her television doesn’t get many visits.

“In this house, we do not use the TV. We don’t need the TV. We actually have a small bathroom. We don’t want to be messy. We don’t want to be doing things on the screen,” Bittenbender said.

The trio decided they needed an environmentally friendly screen door that is easy to use and will last.

“Our new screen door is secured from the front and the back. Once you install it, you can literally just open it and go,” Pasche said.

“The screen door is lined with four different textures. It can hold up to 350 pounds,” Bittenbender added.

It is also built with adjustable styles to get exactly the look and look you want.

“Our screens come in black, but they also come in polka dots, they come in stripes, and we have sunglasses that have are super trendy and funky. They can even be custom made from scratch,” Pasche said.

“Everything you need to paint it, you can do yourself. You don’t need to have a set of safety glasses,” Bittenbender said.

The women say they thought of everything.

“There’s only the one difference between this and one of the world’s most expensive pieces of art,” Bittenbender said.

You don’t have to paint it, though, because you can use spray paint.

“Now you can do this for everything that’s a TV. Everything from Netflix to your Frisbee, you can just spray it and go,” Pasche said.

Experts say this system is sound.

“I think it’s an easy way for people to save money, and it’s actually a creative way to change the aesthetics of your space,” said decorating expert Brooke Prescott.

Though the women hope to provide a better experience for everyone, they also want to give the mom of two kids advice about what to avoid doing with their screen door.

“During bedtime, put it down and set your little kids up on their own bed. Have them read a book. Be extra mum about the stuff that’s going on in your home,” Bittenbender said.

“Never put the screen door up late at night when your husband is home,” Pasche said.

After a few days using their product, the women noticed they could still have their big screen on while safely closed behind the screen door.

And if all else fails?

“If it happens and the screen door happens to get taken off by some kid or some pet, just take it out of the window and put it back there when you wake up,” Bittenbender said.

For more information on the new screen door, you can visit their company website.

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