These homes could soon eliminate one of the biggest energy costs

Editor’s Note — On Oct. 5, The CNN Grow Global segment explored how the demand for smaller homes is affecting global real estate trends.

To fight global warming, the developers of most new homes are buying new technology that promises to produce zero-energy homes.

However, the design of these homes is changing in recent years. New lightweight materials — such as glass and wood — have the potential to be lighter than conventional materials, allowing for homes that can use nearly no energy and offer views and views of the outdoors.

Newly available micro-solar panels on the roof of a home can help the home to produce enough energy to offset most of its energy use.

According to the World Economic Forum, the energy production of homes is expected to peak by 2050. As a result, development of modular homes is growing in response.

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Tacita Torreira is a reporter and editor at CNN.

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