The Unscientific Fear of Vaccines

Vaccine skeptic Ceeana, a stark, smiling face, seems like the sort of person who would be fascinated by the progress of evolution. But this 30-year-old, immunologist in Vienna, Austria, and her three other colleagues are uninterested in evolution. They are the engine that drives a new annual global policy experiment, called Innovations to Put Humans First: Vets Against Vaccines.

Ceeana, accompanied by colleagues including her mum, Christophia Limm, says her mother gave her up for adoption when she was a baby. There, Ceeana lived in an orphanage until she was five, when she was adopted by Simmschen. Ceeana spent her early years with the family in Vienna, getting routine vaccinations.

“That’s good because we had a good history of vaccines with my mother. That’s why I’m only for the vaccines with her,” she says. “It’s her trust in us that has helped me to be open minded.” Ceeana quickly became involved in the pro-vaccine lobby. When she was 21, she persuaded her brother to get vaccinated. Soon, he was being encouraged to visit the clinic, even though there was no vaccination in sight.

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