The ultimate tips for looking good in 10 years’ time

Published on January 6, 2021

Brandy’s future – previously thought to be dank and grey – suddenly brightened as she was spotted on a beach in Tulum. The 36-year-old’s body had creased over the last few years, but photographs prove her diamond-rimmed aviator sunglasses and gold tattoo still grace her face.

Something had to have led to Brandy’s explosion of youthful exuberance just as our celebrity gossip-obsessed past was due to finish its stint. And as we prepare to see A-listers at the Oscars and the Grammy Awards, the decade in which their bodies began to diminish must seem a long time ago.

‘Hollywood’ and ‘celebrity’ have become interchangeable terms over the last 20 years, so the actual term “Hollywood” is usually used in relation to a person, usually a movie star or singer. Some examples (Singing) are more concrete than others (Movie Star), but the “Hollywood” experience was largely one of celebrity (over-recognised and bullied for it). At least partly this was the result of our obsession with fixing the face we see in front of us. Only the sight of a celebrity was enough to garner the sorts of royalties or living wages they were getting – and there was only so much time or attention to go around. The image on the glossy magazine cover meant an access contract – and Hollywood becomes less like Hollywood and more like Hiltonville.

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