The Petronas Towers penthouse suite is a decadent paradise – even in the rain

The level of luxury being rolled out in the lobby of the new Durex penthouse suite at the Petronas Towers is guaranteed to put most five-star hotels to shame

We all spend a fair bit of time in luxurious hotel lobbies for little reason other than to converse with strangers, but the new penthouse suite at Malaysia’s Petronas Towers is getting even more special.

The penthouse suite was commissioned by Canadian condom manufacturer Durex, in collaboration with architect Simon de Sanctis, who designed many of the nine towering towers, which are all linked by a glass bridge across a three-sided infinity pool.

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The penthouse suite – the world’s second-highest – is decked out with a 1,000 sq ft extension of the VIP plaza. Although the penthouses in the tower – each measuring 2,253 sq ft – are not connected to the ground-floor villas, the space can be used by guests for dining, films and parties.

The work on the space started last summer. Passersby passing by the private foyer are often astounded at what they see. “It’s incredible, they’ve done amazing things,” said one. “Something between stuffy and decadent, a Japanese Shinto shrine, was more fitting,” said another, while a third referred to it as “stunning”. “It’s so impressive,” one guest said. “It’s like a palace on stilts.”

The penthouse suites

A Durex promotional video shows the penthouse suite, with its designer toilet and bedroom, marble bathroom and mosaic-walled living room, with lots of staring at the ceiling and plenty of watching the ceiling.

Food and beverage tastings have also been held in the penthouse – although, true to form for the building, much of the food being passed around for guests is produced from the building’s air conditioning units.

The penthouse has been presented as a strange luxury apartment unit, and at the very top of the tower. To make space for the massive spa with a health spa, gym and swimming pool, large windows are made of indented skylights, as is a vast kitchen.

There is a separate tunnel under the building that links the penthouse with the ground-floor areas, to allow more privacy between the suite and the terrace, and to allow natural light in for the penthouse bedroom.

All the bedrooms in the penthouse are bedrooms made into suites, but, when the guests are staying in one of the 11 other suites, the penthouse units can be easily removed to make space for added verandas, or even an extra guest.

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