The Crash Is Coming; Obama Wants To Be The Ozone Species

Analysis by Crosscheck: All Government Securities, Created On or Before 6/15/2009.


BUCKLE UP! So far, George Soros has been front and center to help save this government from losing up to $74 billion in the $7 trillion (nearly) toxic assets market. And it appears he is about to take his business overseas. So in terms of corporate America, it’s not healthy to have someone sitting on the side lines calling it what it is. George Soros, like the Ponzi architect Bernie Madoff, masterminded his Ponzi scheme because it worked.

I watch every day, live shots of Andrew Cuomo, the Democrat attorney general for New York State, who is spearheading investigations into some of the biggest banks and consumer companies in the world, and the other strikes me as someone from the cheap-T fashion (see: Michael Jackson) crowd.

At some point he is going to realize that the drugs these companies are promoting are synthetic heroin and that their products are sold to people that can’t take the real thing. His company may end up suing these companies, sue them hard and get them to pay his way to traveling the world to play anti-virus whack-a-mole against them.

So, it appears that we may be “at war” and in Iraq two years ago. What started off as a legal battle may devolve into a legal dogfight as government consumer protection officers start attacking the drug industry and sue anything and everything. We have a downside for those who have complained about these drugs. I can guarantee you they aren’t just angry at the government.

I like to think of “Ozone” The Butterfly, the species that depends on the ozone layer. Can you imagine what they are going to do now if the hole gets real and dify of large.

There is something else in play here. And that is the small guy in the white shirts and ties doesn’t just defend the big shots, they most likely have an ulterior motive themselves.

So we as a society are at war. What we don’t know is if it is for us. Maybe God sent us the Ozone Species because he knew we had bigger fish to fry, and the butterflies and chrysalis started popping out of people’s heads. Maybe God knows better, we just don’t.

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