Taylor Swift releases an inspiring video for her new single ‘All Too Well’

We all knew this was coming. Taylor Swift released a video for her single “All Too Well” at midnight on Sunday, which then went viral on Monday morning after notching hundreds of thousands of views.

The video, which was released ahead of the lyrics video’s trailer, was directed by Jake Gyllenhaal, and it’s quite the departure from what most fans of the pop star are used to. Instead of a well-produced music video, the clip features a real-life Swift fan performing the single live alongside Thor himself. She lip-syncs, he raps. You know, normal stuff.

The video was widely praised on Monday. But the fact it has been universally met with joy should come as no surprise. Swifty is typically dismissive of her own music video and has refused to release the accompanying lyric video for “All Too Well.” That made it easy for Swift to do the opposite, and move the song into her own career as a way to build attention on her new album.

Swift released the new album “Reputation” on November 10.

It remains to be seen whether it will prove as controversial as her choice to release a short film as opposed to a new single, but if it was good enough for Gyllenhaal, it should be good enough for Swift fans.

Read the full story at Billboard.


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