Report: 827,000 home security devices affected by software bugs

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An investigation launched last year into software bugs that pose risks to millions of home security and home automation devices found at least 827,000 devices are at risk.

The Software Advice Center, a website that offers safety tips to antivirus software users, said in a blog post Tuesday that its investigation has concluded that several devices distributed over the internet as well as several AV kits have software bugs that could lead to the devices submitting false readings of the user’s computer, resulting in fears of a home infection.

The report said the devices are sold by companies including Irvine, California-based Ricoh, based in Tokyo, and Ireland-based Pason Systems, based in Munich.

The issue affects devices with systems that use the Perl code and QMP or ModPS layer of the AES. The finding was released on the same day that Google announced it was investigating software bugs that affect AV software used in smart home gadgets and software it distributes to run certain devices. Google Senior Engineer Amit Lingaraj said in a blog post that the bug could result in potentially dangerous bugs coming into several devices, though the company did not name them or identify any products.

Google said that all the affected products at risk so far are a variety of remotely enabled home entertainment devices and AV kits. The firm declined to identify any specific products affected or vendors it works with.

Consumers had reported the bug last August to the British electronics retailer Comet, which died in 2012. Among the products, which could be affected by the bug, are Samsung or LG Android devices and Apple devices including iPhones, iPads and iMacs.

The two companies didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.


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