NYC plans to offer all adults with diabetes booster shots

New York City says it plans to offer all adults with diabetes in the city booster shots.

Mayor Bill de Blasio says that his administration hopes the moves will take 125,000 individuals who are at risk off the city’s own diabetes registry — a vast database of persons who live in the city and are free of the disease.

The move will create a system in which the city is obliged to produce data from its registry, even if there are only minimal signs of risk, Bloomberg wrote in a blog post.

“There is real life and life-saving work to be done with our registry. But right now, we don’t know enough about this population,” the mayor wrote. “We know the diabetes risk among men, but not among women, we know where families live, but not who they live with.”

There are about 1.3 million individuals in the registry, Bloomberg wrote.

“Any healthy person may be eligible, and no one will be denied coverage if they don’t sign up,” the mayor wrote.

He also noted that the “largest provider of diabetes screening is the federal government,” which his administration would have no reason to ignore.

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