No, Toto. Toto. Sleepless in Seattle has nothing on Tom Hanks.

After the Hollywood star took on those words of Celine Dion in Sleepless in Seattle, in a new film he’s only got canine companionship and a friendly supercomputer for company

Tom Hanks is alone again in ‘Finch,’ with only a dog and robot for company

No, Toto. Toto. Sleepless in Seattle has nothing on Tom Hanks.

The Oscar-winning actor has a pretty sweet new movie out in which he plays the title role in Charlie St Cloud, which stars as a daily life support systems engineer of some kind. Because this does not come up often in great roles, every single day.

Hanks is joined in the film by one dog and a cute computer that comes to visit with regards to the only person in the world who should have a regular day. Yeah, that’s it. Everyone is an asshole, sure, but nobody around here cares because you have to have a cute dog and a friendly technology. It has to be that, right? You can’t make it another movie with a cute cat and a cute cat security guard and just turn into the Food Network series Catasm or something. You can’t even do that in the fluffy marketing that their movie has. The cheery cheery pets and absolutely no one else. You have to actually shoot a world with drool and crystals and unicorns and friendship bracelets and people closing their eyes to play piano music.

So in Charlie St Cloud, you’ve got Tom Hanks, a dog named Charlie, and a computer named Alphas. Hanks plays a guy who dies young and wakes up every day with the dog, wondering whether he deserves to lose his wife to another man.

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