Nigeria protests continue over gas deaths

Image copyright Image Source Image caption Martyrs day took place in Lagos where many residents mourned those killed

A second day of protests over the killings of five people in Lagos by a rubber bullet and tear gas during a protest against corruption has been met with tear gas.

At least 15 people were injured in the protests on Friday, local media reports.

Three people were killed on Thursday after the tyre of a bus fell from a bridge and it burst.

Police said the death of these five people was “an unfortunate incident”.

There has been an outpouring of grief in Nigeria over the loss of the five lives and the surrounding violence.

On Friday, people marched through Lagos with signs claiming they had “run out of patience” with government corruption.

“Every day we wait and see what the next reckless action of the government will be,” said one protestor.

Others chanted: “We have run out of patience. You have our votes. We expect answers.”

Image copyright Niger Delta Avengers Image caption Nigerian soldiers used tear gas on the protesters

A suicide bomber killed one person and injured two on Wednesday in a bid to attack a military convoy transporting the chief justice of Nigeria.

Lagos is home to many of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry workers and wealthy Nigerians.

When asked about the Tafawa Balewa Bridge, which a tyre fell on, Lagos state police spokesperson Kenneth Nwosu said: “We would like to apologise on behalf of the state government, the Nigerian army and the public for the unfortunate incident.

“But what I would like to ask you is that nobody dies because you want to protest against the corruption you are protesting against.”

In response to what happened, protesters on Friday urged Lagos Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to find out why the rubber bullet had been fired and pay tribute to the deceased.

Image copyright Rabiu Mohammed Image caption Protesters demanded answers about the shootings

Protesters have also reportedly called for the Tafawa Balewa Bridge to be closed and for more protests in the wake of the deadly shootings.

Last month, several people were killed when protesters supporting President Muhammadu Buhari clashed with members of a pro-Hezamafight group at the Nigerian consulate in Kaduna.

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