‘My Baby:’ Britney Spears terminates conservatorship

Britney Spears has returned to full control of her finances, trusts and personal affairs, and her conservatorship has been dissolved.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz first moved to end the conservatorship in 2009 following Spears’ breakdown, which resulted in her entering a rehab facility.

The deal included the singer signing a contract stating she would spend most of her time in Las Vegas, USA Today reported. The agreement, however, was controversial with some legal experts questioning whether Spears’ current net worth of $20 million was legal.

Goetz reportedly overruled the objection. Goetz told a four-judge panel at a hearing that the document “supports her by way of corroboration,” USA Today reported.

Larry Rudolph, an attorney who has frequently appeared on television as Spears’ spokesman, told USA Today in October that he wasn’t sure if Spears still wanted the conservatorship lifted.

“I’m not sure that that was a condition that Britney had in mind [for ending it],” Rudolph said. “It was sort of a collection of things that led to it.”

Last year Spears gave up her Hollywood Hills home for foreclosure after struggling to maintain its former status as a treasure trove of memorabilia, according to the Associated Press.

Though she had to vacate the Beverly Hills property, which had cost her around $5 million in maintenance, the former star of “The Mickey Mouse Club” made a major acquisition in December.

She reportedly paid $3.3 million for a black velvet box with a diamond encrusted center, which she named the “Baby One More Time” box.

The box became the emblem of the singer’s career after she released “Baby One More Time” in 1999.

Goetz also ruled in favor of Spears in another conservatorship case last month, granting an extension to a will that she previously filed.

“The court is not in disagreement with Ms. Spears that she is the sole trustee of the estate and that she is in an ongoing and irreplaceable capacity to oversee the assets,” Goetz said in the order, according to E! News.

“Nor is the court disputing Ms. Spears’ continued ability to make financial decisions in this matter.”

Goetz also ruled that Spears’ father, Jamie Spears, can now control her mental health treatment, the celebrity news outlet reported.

Rudolph said in October that the estate had received a gift of $4 million from Spears’ father that could help pay her living expenses, but declined to comment further.

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