Morgan Wallen to resume tour following racist comments that spurred boycott

Morgan Wallen is heading out on his first trip since the accusations of racial slur made against him following his performance at the 2017 ACM Awards were aired on the news. In a post on his Facebook page Wallen said he is headed to Atlanta on Jan. 29, where he will perform his hit ” Up Down .”

Wallen is making the trip along with his drummer; R.M. Freeman, who Wallen says is planning to go with him. “I can’t wait to put on a show for you and thank you again for believing in me and cheering me on to success and a great start to my year!” the newcomer wrote.

In a Twitter video promoting his upcoming tour he adds, “I’m excited for this first time I get to play a show in front of everybody else and I’m excited to get back on the road.”

The Montgomery, Ga., native performed “Up Down” at the 2017 ACM Awards as well as another single, ” Quit playing games with my heart .” The show was taped and aired on CBS on April 2, where Kenny Chesney poked fun at a bit he said Wallen asked him after his performance: “Hey, you want to throw me a party tonight or some fleeeeeeeep weatherepp?!”

Although none of the comments made during the ACM Awards got aired, the music is not up for discussion since Wallen and others who were around him at the time have both addressed the incident publicly. A statement released at the time claimed the first incident happened as soon as Wallen and Chesney left the stage, as one of the former was headed to the studios to record a video for Tim McGraw ’s new “ The Rest of Our Life ” with Keith Urban , and as not many people were around to see the event happen.

According to Wallen, the alleged racial slur was something he said that was not caught on tape. Country music star Ben Hayslip tweeted a clip of the moment, where he says, “I was there, it was Morgan getting ready to go to the studio and Kenny said, ‘Hey, let’s all go back into the show room so we don’t have to wait for anyone to get in.'”

It’s unclear if Wallen will face any repercussions for the allegations. Chesney has not commented on the allegations, but speaking at a fan fest in October, he asked, “Haters gonna hate. Right? I mean, it is what it is. It’s what happens in life. Unfortunately, people have a right to say whatever they want. It is what it is. Life’s gonna move on. Let’s just enjoy each other and move on, and continue to make great music and try to have a great time on stage and off.”

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