Meet Norwegian Cruise Line’s newest superyacht: Lucilla

The 396-foot-long, 276-foot-wide superyacht Lucilla features an onboard ice platform with temperature-controlled rooms and a center passageway that lets guests exit and enter the boat on just one platform.

The yacht’s homeport: a class-leading $100 million four-bedroom, 40-feet-wide guesthouse on board a sistership.

Lucilla is built on two masts that are supported by a midline extensions. The masts also provide a “bird’s-eye view” over the yacht, according to Norwegian architect Tveil Bertels of Bertels-Liedtmann Arkitekter.

Inside, the yacht’s open spaces are arranged around an A-shaped top deck with spaces for dining, lounging, and storing belongings, anchored by two large lanterns. An outdoor terrace along the deck provides accommodations for up to 18 people.

Lucilla’s interior design and the exterior of the ship are designed to create a sense of calm and serenity. “The design of our yacht is based on the idea that the luxury lifestyle should be about having relaxed time out and spending time in nature,” Bertels said in a press release. “I guess, that’s why we’ve decided to let nature be a part of it.”

Bertels said the boat’s interior was inspired by the aesthetics of nautical cruise ships. The vessel, he said, is “subtly serene, and many of the interiors have other characteristics of age-old maritime traditions.”

Lucilla will become Norwegian Cruise Line’s new luxury superyacht, which joins Norwegian’s other two new superyachts. The yacht will travel around the world from its homeport in Miami, with other scheduled stops including trips to Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean.

Bertels’ firm is also planning to build a 354-foot-long yacht called Margalit. The superyacht’s total cost is reportedly $660 million.

In addition to Bertels and Bertels-Liedtmann Arkitekter, four other design firms also collaborated on Lucilla’s interiors: Plaza Design Group, PL Design Studio, Voidthrift Creative, and Designcenter Projects.

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