Medical examiner: Gun had no presence in Chicago victim’s head

Barbara Starr writes from Chicago:

The medical examiner in Chicago has determined a 26-year-old man shot and killed in a grocery store in a city with some of the country’s highest murder rates “had no gun on him.”

Dr. Ponni Arunkumar told Chicago reporter Suanne M. Grinspoon on WGN TV that William McCants suffered a “massive head injury.” It caused him to bleed profusely and cause an extensive injury to his skull.

In 2015, a federal court ruled Chicago’s personal and excise tax on firearms, ammunition and other gun related products unconstitutional. Chicago city council in 2016 amended the city’s gun laws and raised the amount people would have to pay in order to be exempt from paying the tax.

To date, thousands of gun owners in the city have appealed the tax to the US Supreme Court. The law was reinstated when a federal judge ruled the gun owners tax was lawful. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Mayor William S. Daley urged the city council to reinstate the tax. The city council on Wednesday overwhelmingly adopted the ordinance, reinstating the tax on all guns and ammunition sales.

Last summer, we reported on McCants and how, a year before he was killed, he had been shot at another grocery store and survived. After his death, a social media movement in Chicago called #GunShelterChicago was started with the goal of making Chicago the gun-free community.

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