Inside a ‘Synthetic Heart’ hallucinogenic drug found in Spain

When guests made their way out of the underground club of the Farrah Fawcett Tribute Society in Austin, TX, they stepped on a sticky, yellow carpet stained with the blood of humans trying to beat their addictions. Above them was a rose petal and cocaine gilded in white: the crystal ball, as others still were arriving were contemplating whether a line of rolled up towels at the door might bring down “Ella Blue” – an unknown clean-shaven man on a skateboard who stood mere feet away from a shelf of instructional books on drugs.

Crossing the threshold of the La Mistura are a mix of hosts and DJs including Elijah Fore, Gregg Tipton and Johnny Devlin – who have teamed up with Darrell Henderson’s Heroin Anonymous to donate $10,000 towards legal action against the government. Henderson leads the taskforce against drug prohibition at the club.

“The DEA has made it virtually impossible for the veterans’ association to lobby for legalization,” claims Henderson, who fought in the Vietnam War. The executive director of the Insane Veterans Recovery Association in Long Island, New York, says he’s studied the peer-reviewed work on the drug’s efficacy in the U.S. and elsewhere. He’s a former Soldier to Tijuana, a heroin warlord with a religious congregation made up of veterans from Vietnam and Korea. His faith in psychedelics as a cure-all grew as the years progressed.

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