How to reach a CEO-in-training

Communicating with C.E.O.s.

C.E.O.’s are complex, often in isolation from their organizations and their employees, who are often dealing with similar issues and challenges. They must navigate different cultures and operate in ways that often seem counter-intuitive to the team they are representing.

This can be confusing for anyone, let alone for those tasked with helping those in the C.E.O. job. This is where our four strong C.E.O. experts, and the expert team of experts consulting with them, can make a difference.

Along with the publisher of this blog, the Newseum Institute has developed a set of frameworks that help keep your message in tune with the C.E.O. realities you will be interacting with. The final piece of the connection puzzle is a clear strategy to the transition from inside the cocoon of the C.E.O. home office to the world outside.

Follow along with our four leaders and, along the way, listen for questions, suggestions and validation. At the same time, it’s your job to keep track of all of the communication successes and failures and keep them at the ready.

Jon Kleinberg

Senior Editor of the Newseum Institute

Jon Kleinberg has been a Senior Editor of the Newseum Institute since 2006. For five years, he was an Online Editor of The New York Times, working closely with the Executive Director of Global Online. Jon was the Associate Editor of Data & Innovation for All Things Digital. He was also executive editor of ContentNext Media where he led operations, sales and marketing. Before joining the team at All Things Digital, Jon was executive editor of Digital Content Magazine. Jon began his career at Newsday, and then on to The New York Times, where he served as editor of

Tina Becker

SVP of Marketing for the Newseum Institute

Tina Becker has been a Senior Vice President of Marketing for the Newseum Institute since 2008. For five years prior to that, Tina served as the VP of Marketing for Merriam-Webster, where she was responsible for all aspects of marketing and strategic planning, and played a leading role in the development of Merriam-Webster’s award-winning products. Tina’s work resulted in Merriam-Webster acquiring the copyright of long-running successes such as The Oxford American Dictionary, Dictionary of Everything and Britannica Online. As Senior VP of Marketing, Tina’s teams brought the Merriam-Webster brand to life across over 30 media outlets, creating an audience who not only consumes the words of Merriam-Webster, but also finds each word inspiring and captivating. A life-long reader of dictionaries, Tina’s expertise has led her to meet with notable authors, journalists and independent publishers. Under Tina’s direction, the Merriam-Webster organization continues to contribute to the nation’s current conversation on the written word.

Andrew Purvis

Executive Vice President for Diversity, Inclusion and Inclusion at The Newseum Institute

Andrew Purvis has been executive vice president for diversity, inclusion and inclusion at The Newseum Institute since 2012. Previously, he was the executive director of W&L Partners, Inc., a full-service headhunting firm. Prior to W&L, he was executive director of the human resources division of AT&T. Andrew has a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and is currently pursuing his PhD at Notre Dame.

Michelle Bush

Diversity Communications Director for The Newseum Institute

Michelle Bush recently joined The Newseum Institute as Diversity Communications Director. A native of Washington, D.C., Michelle holds a Master of Arts degree in Communication from Duke University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing and Management from the College of William and Mary. Michelle has participated in several discussions on diversity and inclusion, and earned a Social Media Award for her efforts on social media. During her time at W&L, Michelle created a Black Student Union that invited African-American faculty and students to conduct research and mentorship on the diversity issues facing campus.

Curtis Slater

Vice President and Chief Professional Officer, Union Square Media

Curtis Slater is the Vice President and Chief Professional Officer for Union Square Media, a New York-based full-service media agency. Curtis serves as Chief Professional Officer of Union Square Media’s healthcare communications team. In this role, Curtis provides strategic direction and guidance to Union Square’s healthcare and biopharmaceutical businesses. Prior to Union Square, Curtis served as Editor in Chief of the

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