How Jennifer Connelly’s fakest lion’s head on her sweater looks at first glance

Actress Jennifer Connelly, who attended the premiere of “Sea of Trees” on Jan. 30 in Westwood, California, was dressed in a black and white sweater that had what could have passed for a scarf made up of handmade orange, gray and white animal embroidery.

But, on closer inspection, Connelly’s accessory revealed to be a thick brown, curly, V-neck fake lion’s head.

“I can only say that the costume designer (Patty Jenkins) put so much time and effort into bringing my character to life,” Connelly told reporters at the premiere. “I was essentially clothed in each new outfit to represent each of the three horrific instances of my torture and emotional trauma, all of which she had planned out when we were making the film.”

Connelly’s character was an American nurse, played by Matthew Goode, who was attacked and molested by a sea lion at the hospital where she worked. One night during one of his many attacks, Goode’s character ends up taking his live-in girlfriend, played by Naomi Watts, hostage.

Sound familiar?

In the upcoming thriller, set for release on Feb. 9, Jake Gyllenhaal portrays a man who attempts to avenge the death of his daughter by, for reasons that are murky, attacking the latest sea lion to attack humans in Japan. He ends up taking a nurse hostage in the forest on the Japanese island of Saikyo.

But somehow, none of it sounds as unpleasant as the torture inflicted upon Connelly’s character in her fight scenes.

Not that people would notice if they looked closely at the sweater.

Connelly didn’t speak to reporters outside the premiere.

But in an interview with the New York Post, actress Dionne Warwick wondered whether the use of a fake lion’s head in a film depicting the death of one of your own flesh and blood is too close to Taylor Swift’s newest album title, “Reputation.”

On Wednesday, Swift’s latest album, titled for a planet visible from earth, blasted into No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 album chart.

Warwick, 82, said she was intrigued by the movie plot in which a young man perpetrates what is perhaps the most heinous violent crime the world has ever seen.

“It’s sad to say, but that title doesn’t sound all that different from how many people are going to feel about the promotion of that movie,” she said.

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