Here’s one sign that drivers at a D.C. parking lot won’t find. Why?

If you park in the area around the Shoreham Lofts, you’re likely to get dinged for a $3 parking meter if you don’t pay a small deposit upfront. It’s a standard feature at Green P lots across the District.

But now, drivers looking for signs that indicate they can avoid paying the meters at Green P lots near the Shoreham Lofts, located at 4201 Maine Ave., NW, are stumped. Instead, drivers can sign a sign stating they have paid for a time-share.

“Signing a time-share is really the only way to avoid the additional parking fees until we can do an inspection,” said Amanda Verlin, an associate for the District’s Bureau of Public Utilities, which owns the lot. Verlin said the signs have been left up since 2009.

You’re better off avoiding a sign than looking for one on the lot itself. Signs are often obscured by photos on fences, trees or other elements, so if you find a sign, you have to be sure you know what to look for.

Is it true?

If you’re unfamiliar with time-share parking signs, it’s worth some information to understand how time-share parking works. Unlike docked parking meters, time-share lots allow for unpaid time-share parking. It’s much more appealing to put a discount value on a day’s stay.

A final note on the signs: Verlin doesn’t think time-share signs are deliberately deceptive. “I don’t think it’s a bad marketing campaign,” she said. “Hopefully people will just look closely.”

The day-rates range from $10 for off-peak hours to $32 during the week, according to Green P’s website. However, a $3 fee is often tacked on to the payment, so it costs roughly $15. It seems to add up quickly. A long-term parking spot is roughly 790 minutes. A prime parking spot around the Shoreham Lofts for a weekend of eating and drinking starts at $28.95.

Dozens of parking lots in the District that host time-share spaces for rent are labeled “Time-Share Parking.” Most can’t be avoided with one of the accompanying signs. According to, signs are displayed at 67 percent of time-share spaces nationwide.

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