Haiti’s president says new Cabinet will ‘not continue the way we are’

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moïse took to national television on Thursday night to announce a new Cabinet — one that does not include his prime minister. The new cabinet includes executives from businesses in the Haitian diaspora but none from domestic political parties. “The prime minister deserves the respect of the president and his people,” President Moïse said in a press conference. “I could have chosen a different prime minister … but I want to know what they would have brought to the table. We cannot continue the way we are, and the continuity of the current policy is not an option.”

Instead, Prime Minister Julien Alix stated that the Cabinet did not reflect the “democratic values and the will of the people.” He added that, in his view, “not a single figure from the political landscape will continue in his position because of the poor performance.”

The president’s vision of renewal for Haiti is not shared by its Senate President, Genémie Faly Cresca. Faly this week publicly declared his intention to resign from his post if Prime Minister Alix does not step down. He also tweeted that he will seek out support in parliament to have Faly removed from his post:

Ever since we were elected, the senators have never been fulfilling their duties,” he wrote. “If the prime minister does not resign, I will demand the Senate President, Genémie Faly Cresca, to declare his resignation.”

At a news conference on Friday, Faly refused to respond to a reporter’s questions about his position. He has reportedly been in talks with members of the Haitian opposition for weeks to find a way out of the unstable political crisis.

Faly was elected in November to replace President Moïse’s long-time rival, Jude Celestin, who was booted out of office amid allegations of corruption, and is the first person not to hold a seat in the previous round of elections.

Secretary-General of the United Nations, Miroslav Lajčák, had previously called on Haiti’s government to respect the rule of law and to refrain from any potential election irregularities in order to facilitate a smooth electoral process.

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