George Clooney, GOP on Shots in the Country: ‘It’s Insane’

There is now, it turns out, no need to feel sorry for the actors who star in violent movies. They’re all “gooned” or “shot.”

Actor George Clooney, a Democrat, came under fire after he was quoted as saying the nationwide shooting — in a movie theater in Parkland, Florida— last month was “insane.”

Clooney, in a BBC interview, was asked what he thought about the shooting.

“It’s insane,” he said. “Even people that say stuff like that shouldn’t be anywhere near the dialogue. It’s crazy.”

He said he’s proud to be in Hollywood and he “doesn’t take it personally.”

Clooney said everyone has to be “mindful,” adding he believes in protecting the country’s “identity.”

In response to Clooney’s statement, NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam responded in a statement that it was “divisive and irresponsible” to encourage “gun-free zones as a solution to violence in America.”

In the same interview, Clooney, also a Democrat, was asked what he thought about the direction of his party in the presidential primary. He said he thinks his party needs to back its own people in the next presidential election.

“I’m trying to actually meet and get them to agree to it and ultimately I don’t think they can agree to it,” he said. “If somebody like Bernie Sanders runs, he’s going to have a lock on his party for the next decade because there’s nobody else that can win.”

He said he would prefer having an independent in the White House.

In the same interview, he told the BBC he was opposed to wearing a bulletproof vest for the Emmys after receiving death threats for the use of the term “legend.”

“It was brutal,” he said. “Do people want me to look like a matador?”

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