From violent martial arts series to behind-the-scenes look at Colombia’s drug war

After a brief hiatus, the hotly anticipated original Netflix series Tiger King 2 has returned, and thankfully, there’s another full season at your disposal. Tiger King 2 is a martial arts-inspired drama that provides a stirring look at the banal lives of the exploited and oppressed people of rural China — and how their dangerous world changes around them. With plentiful screen time to imagine what’s in store for these characters next, the martial arts world fans of Dragon Ball Z and Train of The Huns will no doubt love Tiger King 2. For the rest of us, though, there’s The World’s Biggest Druglord on Netflix, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the brutal world of the Colombian drug business. Tons of familiar faces from TV and film are involved, and the ratings juggernaut Narcos gets even more complicated.

Tiger King 2 (Netflix Original Series)

Tiger King 2 is a martial arts drama that follows the fortunes of a Chinese man who rises to become one of the most powerful men in China. Dramatic action scenes aside, the plot focuses on the everyday lives of those following the tanking Chinese economy, such as the villagers in the surrounding countryside. The martial arts aspect gives the show a unique edge as fights are filled with at-times terrifying speed and expertly choreographed takedowns. Whereas the first season dealt with the aftermath of Tiger King’s defeat in the action world, Season 2 shows the man attempting to rebuild his dynasty, as well as the stories of the villagers he left behind. Tiger King 2 Season 2 is available for all Netflix subscribers now.

The World’s Biggest Druglord (Netflix Original Series)

When Colombian member of the Medellin cartel, Pablo Escobar, set up shop in Medellin, Colombia, in the 1980s, it proved to be a risky venture for Escobar and his allies. Faced with the constant threat of killing anyone questioning his methods and massive drug profits, Escobar also faced the risk of being assassinated or captured by rival organizations. The World’s Biggest Druglord, released in August 2018, provides an inside look at the drug war of the 1980s, focusing on an epic battle between narcos, army officers, police officers, and U.S. federal agents. Gregorio Jiménez takes on the role of Pablo Escobar, and his story shines in a telling-behind-the-scenes look at the fateful days of the drug war. Versions of the drug lord have been adapted to the big screen numerous times. In the film version of The Godfather, Raoul Bova is pictured wearing the same clothing as Pablo Escobar. In the original 1980s television series, Rocky Balboa played the role of Escobar. A special theatrical edition of The Godfather also added a five-minute intermission dedicated to Pablo Escobar. The World’s Biggest Druglord takes audiences on a sequel to the big screen with a humorous twist. The movie was released to Netflix on November 17, and is also available for streaming to any Netflix subscribers.

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