Ford as CEO: Experiencing God’s Presence At Work Every Day

Beth Ford, who was named Ford C.E.O. of Ford Land Company in July of this year, has been involved in several aspects of corporate and civic life in Texas since childhood.

She has long served as a volunteer with food banks, and while a business major in college worked with World Vision Texas, an organization that gives everything from educational opportunities to natural disasters to children in need across the globe.

“When you first began working for people in disaster relief, you had nothing to offer other than your trust in God. I think that anything you do has a very positive effect,” she said in an interview with The Christian Post.

Born and raised in a small town outside of Dallas, Ford spent much of her youth caring for her grandmother, who died of congestive heart failure when she was just 10 years old. She went on to graduate from Trinity University as the first woman in her graduating class and decided to go on to law school.

Ford found that law made it possible for her to help young women and mothers with assistance in child support battles and also to secure more financial security for struggling families.

As she grew in her career, Ford began working in social justice causes and at 25 years old moved to Austin to work for the Austin Branch of World Vision Texas.

During her time with the organization, she established a soup kitchen and began working with people in need on the city’s west side, the same neighborhood in which Ford now lives with her family.

While she was there, she also met Bob Ford, who was involved in the litigation of real estate development, and discovered that they shared many of the same values.

Achieving self-sufficiency and a purposeful life can be difficult, especially in an economy where job growth is slow and starting your own business is especially hard.

Ford embarked on a mission in 1998 that has lasted a decade and she has come far since her days where she cleaned toilets and didn’t know where to find the money to go on travel.

She and Bob founded Land Lines Capital in 2000, a company that founded several real estate development and management firms. Through this company, Ford’s changed the way businesses in the Austin area are built by teaming with others to approach business development differently, using methodologies derived from their experience.

“We’re not so much developers as we are assembled teams,” she said. “When we got started in 2000, there were about 20 people in the development industry, and now there are about 400 of us.”

Today, Ford is a three-time winner of the President’s Award by Women in Real Estate — Austin — and she is constantly involved in leading a team of lawyers, lawyers’ wives, and others to help clients.

Her work extends far beyond her real estate work, and she puts her faith into making a lasting impact on the people who surround her.

“If you don’t have a purpose, you go really crazy. If you don’t have a purpose you have no vision. If you have no vision you have no gratitude. If you have no gratitude you don’t have an open heart, which is the most sacred thing you can have,” she said.

“What I try to find in my life is how God has brought me through and how He wants me to serve.”

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