Flight almost falls off an airport runway

A man is comforted after she was rescued from a plane on Saturday evening after it landed short of the runway at Rosslyn Airport on Saturday. The passengers were able to walk off the plane safely and, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane was cleared to continue its journey. The drama at Rosslyn lasted just eight minutes, but its rise and fall can be seen in incredible detail in a 10-second video that quickly went viral on the Internet.

How does this guy keep his feet on the ground so damn… Posted by the paper tweet on Saturday, 23 March 2017

Despite the drama, all 117 passengers and five crew members aboard the plane were able to get off safely. In a statement released by the airline, Lufthansa confirmed that its crew was working to determine what had caused the incident. “The issue that appeared to be in front of the plane was quickly resolved and all passengers disembarked,” the statement read. “The situation was swiftly brought under control, and we are now investigating the cause of the situation. We extend our gratitude to the authorities and firefighters at the scene.”

This isn’t the first time a plane has run out of runway in the sky. In 1999, a plane taking off from Boston’s Logan Airport was forced to land on a grassy area of the Tullytown, N.Y., airport due to over-running the runway. In 2015, a plane successfully swerved to land on a highway in downtown Denver but crashed into some parked cars as a result.

Read the full story at The Guardian.


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