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Mark Isaac is the founder and Chairman of Third Dimension (3D), one of Africa’s leading Financial Technology (Fintech) companies. 3D’s core mandate is to support organizations in unlocking and transforming customer and business relationships by improving financial knowledge and accelerating blockchain technologies.

At age 32, according to Mr. Isaac, his passion is reshaping the way businesses on the African continent and around the world communicate and interact with their customers, both in real-time and pre-transaction, and turning them into a safer, more informed and innovative trading community.

Today, 3D has a presence in 29 African countries, in partnership with various banks. Other partners include major mining, agriculture, energy, telecommunications and fintech companies.

3D’s technology is also being developed to support financial transactions between micro finance institutions and the Developing World – this potential is backed by solid business logic and is motivated by the significant role demand for services are expected to play over the next few years.

Mr. Isaac is of Indian and Mozambican descent, has had a long association with Zambia. Having studied with a Swedish-Lithuanian university in New York, he returned to Zambia with his wife and child after graduation and now refers to himself as the “Kwacha Skirt guy” for the clothing company he owns and runs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Mr. Isaac has been in Zambia since 1995.

He has six children.

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