Charlie Chaplin’s favorite golf course

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(CNN) — It may have appeared in a string of Hollywood comedies and some of the world’s most famous travel commercials, but of all the clubs Charlie Chaplin frequented, what was it he loved most?

Born in the English seaside town of St. John’s Wood in 1889, the actor, writer and director, who passed away in 1977, spent most of his post-Disneyland years at Waterville Golf Club near Landsdowne, a resort west of Liverpool.

One story attributed to him is that at the age of 20 he learned to play golf on a nearby beach. His nickname, “Chaplin,” he supposedly explained, was an homage to the Harry Seaman Club in Wraysbury, Essex, which ran the golf course.

Other accounts suggest he took up the game when he arrived at Waterville, though the club’s Web site suggests he played at least three times before that. As a result of his sudden arrival in Waterville in 1922, he began to favor a course he called the Waterville Wonderland.

While it’s mostly unknown outside of cricket enthusiasts, the course is one of the few links remaining from the famous first World War II Battle of Hastings. It has recently been in development and renamed the St Andrews Links West in honor of the famous hillside here that inspired Captain Scott’s ill-fated 1911 expedition to the South Pole.

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