Business travel secrets: America’s top airlines

Written by By Hailey Carver, CNN

A delicate yet efficient cabin blend between the high-end and low-end, these companies have come to epitomize the upper limit of the luxury travel market — and they’re growing.

Selected by Conde Nast Traveler’s editor-in-chief, Britain’s Vanessa Friedman, 17 of them have been named “Business Travelers’ 10 Best-kept Secrets on the High-End Airline.” Here are the top picks:

1. Private jet deals

Sebastian Riveria, founder of TheDealCanaryFly, says it’s only natural that the size of aircraft should grow with technology.

“You will find larger and larger aircraft over the next five to ten years, which makes sense,” he says. “There is a significant appetite for bigger flying arrangements and larger spaces.”

He cites JetSuite — a company with a fleet of four XL-class aircraft, which typically have 20-25 seats — as an ideal candidate for these huge dimensions.

2. Aviator’s lounge

Thomas Cook Airlines’ private lounge at Beijing Capital International Airport. Thomas Cook Airlines

Separating itself from rival business airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines (TCI) pioneered the concept of a private lounge 15 years ago. The airline offers free meals, movies and e-books from their screening lounge, staffed by chefs.

It became a game-changer, leading to similar emulations.

“For passengers that travel frequently with private jets, it’s a good place to come together as a team to recharge before the next day of traveling and have a private moment before the day’s journey begins,” says Sumit Haryani, senior marketing manager of TCI.

3. Optional, high-end on-board food

Traveling along with your food prep? Courtesy All Nippon Airways

With London-based Splendid Tea, travelers can order unique blends to take with them to allow for a more grounded service. Some of the best, such as Achatz’s Beatrice Lemon, cost upwards of $150 per gram.

It is estimated that there are more than 100 bottled teas listed on the company’s website.

“Our mission is to provide travelers with an ideal on-board experience and whilst we are confident about our cups, our brewing methods and our mixes, we feel that our onboard experience has not yet been served at its best,” says Kevin Armitage, co-founder of Splendid Tea.

4. Double bottle wine, plus more booze

Infinity Skull Bar, Abu Dhabi International Airport. Business Without Borders

At the 5-star Infinity Skull Bar at Abu Dhabi International Airport, guests can enjoy more than five bottles of international wine, and can order soft drinks from a 200-glass selection from around the world.

Maharaja Point will also help you quench your thirst with a range of fruit smoothies, iced coffees and juices.

5. Life preservers

The Royal Etihad Hotel, Abu Dhabi. Courtesy Andrew Holmes

In addition to the health benefits of regular snorkeling, there are also the added effects on your bottom line.

“Since they are designed to travel in, the nets remove excess weight and deterring the effects of rip currents,” says Andrew Holmes of Memphis-based Life With a Purpose , the company behind the LifeInMoskalis system.

The product ranges from $169 for a bikini net to $1,085 for a full-size one.

6. Soundproofing

The Polynesian Resorts Club, Waikiki, HI. Courtesy

When on board a yacht — especially the extremely luxurious one owned by the owners of Citibank — it may be wise to get a little quiet. Soundproofing can do wonders to silence the noise of nearby yachts.

But perhaps the most exclusive is Nasoff’s Sound Incubator, created at the Royal Etihad Hotel in Abu Dhabi. The product aims to blind nine passengers with clear decibel-free audio of common background sounds, as well as promise to tone down any sound that sounds like an etching on a canvas.

7. Makeovers

The Spa at Grand Hyatt Regency, Singapore

How to look at the world from your plane. Courtesy karenaa/Creative Commons

As well as accommodation, occasional spa trips could provide much-needed rest for these overworked executives.

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