An apartment building in China is decked out with a cable walk system that stretches 131 stories

If you’re sick of sidewalks, fear not: There’s now another mode of transportation that makes for easy and efficient cross-town travel. The apartment building in China’s Fushun City, known as the Miao Tower, has been decked out with a cable walk system and stretches an impressive 131 stories. The three-tiered cable-walk system spans a full 360 feet and can carry up to 7,000 people per hour.

Another apartment building with a 360ft cable walk has opened in Fushun, China #cablewalks — 我真马 (@Xandianta23) July 30, 2016

Built by Fushun Express Parking & Advisory Inc., the apartments in the Miao Tower are only three blocks from the theme park Fushun, opening in August. The residents of the building, however, don’t have any direct views of the local development, because the walk is so high that the view at ground level is blocked by the walls.

The Miao Tower’s cable walk system is made up of two 1,282-foot (400-meter) channels that terminate at the 86th and 89th floors, just a few stories from where apartment windows are located. The sidewalks, meanwhile, are made from a flexible concrete made of sand and plaster that allows it to expand and contract depending on the movement of the cable walkers.

It wasn’t always this way. In 1951, the walk had to be temporarily shut down due to a gas leak, according to Shanghaiist. The cause of the blast was a generator and siphoning gas from a pressurized train.

Additional reporting by Chang-Wen Chen.

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