Alaska: ski for free in the great outdoors

Knabbe Lake in the eastern state of Maine, a few hours north of Bangor, is the second largest free-flowing lake in the US, after Lake Superior. There are over 280 miles of trails and water-skiing rentals, ideal for families who want to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of the shoreline. Northern Maine isn’t the first place that comes to mind when contemplating skiing in the winter, so take a look at the Gettysburg Inn and Spa Resort (, $75pp, plus tax); this is conveniently located close to the Big Lehigh waterfall, to bring a touch of European beauty to the Maine landscape. A quick (and fee-free) trek south on Route 1 along the Stillwater river leads to 200m of skiing, if you’re up for it, with extra trails on offer the following day. Adults with no experience are welcome on kids’ areas, but having a picnic in the valley by a firepit is a great break from the sport. Most of the resort offers check-in, breakfast and dining, and you can pick up your luggage at the Inox luggage drop-off.

• Accommodation from $125pp B&B, flights from £246 with British Airways

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