Adele surprises fans with romantic proposal during Glasgow show

Written by By Tara Lynne Wilson, CNN

Adele’s “25” is a desperate album about love, loss and heartbreak, but with the appearance of another man it’s clear that there is hope to be found.

A few months after the long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s “21” was released, Adele surprised fans during a show in Glasgow with a romantic proposal from the man she had been dating.

It was impossible to not to melt in the moment, Adele stopping her show long enough to wave happily and point with excitement to her supportive boyfriend who had come to the show.

The video shows Adele examining a ring, on a piece of paper with the message “Will you marry me?” written inside. She then covers her face with the piece of paper and takes a sip of coffee, while the video fades to black and the screen goes from black to white. It then cuts to the big moment, with Adele entering the stage and canoodling with the boyfriend before her fiance walks out to join her.

“I forgot that I would ask you, I thought you’d call me. I’ll be waiting for you in my dressing room.”

Within a few hours, the reveal had gone viral and the good words shared.

“Some day I will explain to my children what an incredible man they have lucky parents,” said one admirer.

Another felt similarly “overwhelmed.”

One woman said she was “speechless with pure joy for her” and wondered if it was real.

“It’s just so spectacular,” she said. “I’m sure I’d be gone by the time you read this :).”

One writer, from Columbia, South Carolina, who identifies as gay, said she wanted to thank the singer for “bringing hope.”

“I’m so inspired by the fact that there are people out there that feel as I do about the future and that we can look forward to love and happiness,” she said.

On her website, Adele spoke about the importance of love: “I know how hard it is sometimes to be in love with someone,” she said. “These songs are sometimes about the difference between keeping people close and letting them go.

“My record is about this other thing. In love and heartbreak I’ve been there. And I’ve been there some other times too.”

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